Clovis Man Story

Breaking News: Clovis Man Sighted, Interviewed

Long believed extinct, Clovis Man has been discovered in the high plains of Imagination, a remote region of the State of Wonder. Alive and well, he has agreed to share with us his many and wonderous experiences sailing through time and landing in our midst.

In this exclusive, wide-ranging (albeit one-sided) interview you will:

1) Bear witness to the redemption of the Siren of the Rhine as she regains her good name as a lover of wanderers

2) Hear an interview with a 13,000-year-old man musing about our future

3) Walk to the edge, and beyond, where every ending is a start, and the impossible is inevitable

4) Be reminded of what must never be forgotten

5) Explore the Rio Grand River Gorge in silence, watching sheep do their vertical dance

6) Get on board to experience the excitement and terror of facing time head on

7) Meet the 20th Century tenant farmer, sage, and songster who taught me how to use my right thumb and reaffirmed my love for Humanity and Nature

8) Dance with Myna

9) Marvel at a life well lived by a searcher who dreamed of a better world

10) Ponder the importance of rest

11) Share the dream

12) Learn how to get unstuck when the very forces of nature seem to be against you, and have fun doing it

13) Hear the tale of a cable news addict who suffers a nervous breakdown upon learning of the discovery of the God Particle only to have an epiphany in the end

14) Take a peek at life’s peaks and the universe inside you

15) Remember the dreamer

16) Sail home to the land of the ancestors


A few words from the Producer, Jeff Berkley

I’ve served with Cej on the road for 12 years and on several records by now. Technically, Cej is schooled in all the “Mel Bay” techniques and knows his scales and his whoodely whoodelies backwards and forwards. He’ll even do that if it’s called for. That, however, is not what defines his genius.

There’s something more to it. There’s an ancient musicality … a feeling that his music has always been. I don’t mean the notes, which are exquisite and which I have lifted for my own performances on more than one occasion. I mean there’s a “thing” when Cej plays. It hangs in the air like blueberries in pancakes on Sunday morning. It’s grounding and playful and innocent and wise. There’s a timeless sound and a feeling you’ve never felt before. I learned more than notes playing with Cej.

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