Sleepwalker in Paradise

by Cej

Released 2013
Gnosong Records
Released 2013
Gnosong Records
A brilliant collection of songs rooted in the folk tradition and infused with strains of blues, jazz, and country; with innovative arrangements ranging widely, from solo acoustic guitar to full band, and all in the service of heartfelt lyrics.
Entering at 60, Cej hit the ground running with his debut solo recording, Sleepwalker in Paradise, featuring 13 tracks, 12 of which were written during a 10 month period, bridging 2010 and 2011, during which he was living and working in Hawaii and Germany. The 13th and final track was written in 1968, on the evening of Robert Kennedy's assassination. Deeply rooted in the Folk tradition, the songs explore a wide range of human relationships and experiences, blending folk sensibilities with more "…
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