Adobe Road


Songs inspired by the high desert and the wounded warriors road, set to music featuring finger picked DADGAD guitar, combined with bass, drums, accordion, fiddle, organ, vibes and vocals. An adventure through the heart.

“Adobe Road” Cej is back with a new CD- his third. Yes, this globe-trotting songwriter, itinerant social worker, DADGAD devotee, road runner, snake-whisperer, dreamer and seeker, with more questions than answers, is back.

Just as Sleepwalker In Paradise (2013), was built around a core of songs inspired by his time in Hawaii; and Clovis Man (2017), was built around a core of songs inspired by his time in Clovis New Mexico; Adobe Road (New) is built around a core of songs inspired by his recent work in California’s Mohave Desert. Unlike the first two CDs, Adobe Road reflects more directly and incisively on his work providing informal counseling services to military members and families impacted by the seemingly endless state of war we find ourselves in. Or, perhaps more honestly, the impacts of the same on himself. And, yes, there are some instrumentals and a love song or three on here as well.

There are12 tracks: 6 feature Cej alone, live in the studio, including 2 solo instrumentals; 3 include a full band (bass, drums, and one or more of the following instruments—Accordion, Fiddle, B3 Hammond Organ, Vibes, Percussion and backing vocals); and ,on 3 tracks, Cej is joined by one or two other players…Vibes, Fiddle and/or percussion (Djembe). For details, see the back of this One Sheet.

Cej’s music career started at age 18, as lead guitarist and songwriter. Twelve years, 3 bands and 3 eponymous albums later (Sweet Pain, United Artists, 1970; Rock Rose, CBS Sony, 1979; Small Talk, MCA, 1981), he became disillusioned with the music business and dropped out.

Newly armed with a master’’s degree in social work, he launched a new career in the mental health world. Soon thereafter, he and home town friend Joel Rafael started playing coffee houses together, soon to become the Joel Rafael Band, which had a 10-year run (1994-2004) producing 5 CDs, including 2 collections of Woody Guthrie songs.

After the Joel Rafael Band, Cej began to work as a traveling mental health consultant. Based out of California, he traveled throughout the US, Europe, Asia and Africa…collecting experiences and writing songs along the way.

His first two CDs, Sleepwalker in Paradise (2013) and Clovis Man (2017) were embraced by Folk, AAA and Americana Radio, receiving substantial play in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Israel.

Cej performs solo, capturing the energy and spirit of his recordings in his live performances. With a unique, DADGAD based guitar style, listeners often remark: “It sounds like there’s a band up there.”


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