Clovis Man


Spawned in Clovis New Mexico and recorded in San Diego, under the watchful eye of producer Jeff Berkley, there are 16 tracks here. A stellar group of musicians helped, notably: the legendary Eric Rigler on Uilleann Pipes and Penny Whistles (Braveheart, Titanic and Outlander sound tracks), and Dennis Caplinger, multi-instrumentalist (Banjo, Dobro, Fiddle and Mandolin—credits with JJ Cale, Eric Clapton, Byron Berline and Dan Crary). Arrangements range from Bass, Drums, Piano, Organ and Guitar to traditional folk combos of Guitar, Banjo, Dobro, Fiddle, Mandolin, Uilleann Pipes and Penny Whistles, as well as solo Guitar, and Resonator Guitar pieces, with and without Upright Bass. Gospel and female background singers add tenderness and fun where needed.

These are songs of Love, Loss, Longing, Laughter and Transformation

Clovis Man CD Notes Name Pronunciation : “Cej” is pronounced like “siege”.

Track 1: Loralei (4:23) An up-tempo love song. Starting with a brief drum solo, the arrangement merges Caribbean, Cajon and Celtic elements—rhythms and instrumentation (Bass, Drums, Piano, B3 Organ, Guitar, Penny Whistles and vocals). This is the only track on the CD with a faded ending, but don’t rush it…Eric Rigler gets in some fine licks in the final moments.

Track 2: Clovis Man (5:25) A low-key bluesy number (same instruments as Loralei, sans whistles) inspired by my visit to the Blackwater Clovis Culture Site in New Mexico, and by the early morning wheeling and dealing I heard during breakfasts at the hotel I stayed in for months. It’s an interview with a 13,000-year-old man-- about life, then and now.

Track 3: It’s A Start (5:18) A rousing neo-country piece, employing banjo, fiddle, dobro, upright bass, percussion, Uilleann Pipes and harmony vocals. Rambling thoughts on the hunt for healing, wholeness, spiritual-philosophical fulfillment and love.

Track 4: I Can’t Forget Your Love (3:27) A straight forward, uplifting, up-tempo love song. Guitar, Upright Bass and vocals. Remember this one on Valentine’s Day.

Track 5: River Gorge Ramble (4:05) Solo Guitar instrumental. Named in memory of a lovely afternoon spent watching the mountain sheep doing their vertical ballet in the Rio Grande River Gorge, Taos. Includes a small homage to Doc Watson and the Delmore Brothers, having a Big/Deep River in common.

Track 6: Lost Time Blues (5:07) Guitar and vocals. With over a hundred trains passing through Clovis New Mexico daily, I had to write a train song for this collection. Here it is. Where are you going?

Track 7: Mance Don’t Dance (5:20) An Old Timey piece on Resonator Guitar, with Upright Bass and Gospel background vocals. Based on the book I Say Me As A Parable -- The life, in his own words, of tenant farmer, songster and sage: Mance Lipscomb.

Track 8: Dance For Mance: Myna’s Reel/Spanish Flang Dang (2:31). A medley, and companion piece to Mance Don’t Dance, played on Resonator Guitar and Upright Bass. I think Mance would like this one.

Track 9: Watching Papa Fly (5:56) Wrote this one walking at the beach, the day after my father died…his life story in brief. Upright bass, Mandolin, Fiddle, Dobro, Guitar and Vocals.

Track 10: Let It Rest (4:40) Upright Bass, Guitar and Vocals. A meditation on “taking it easy” set to an easy country blues.

Track 11: Doc’s Dream (3:38) A quiet Solo Guitar piece, also for Papa.

Track 12: Wheel In A Hole (3:50) Full band on this up-tempo blues—Bass, Drums, Piano, B3 Organ, Guitar and Vocals. Song about getting stuck and getting unstuck. Homage to the Chad Mitchell Trio, and Mom.

Track 13: Boson Blues (Even Nothing Has Changed) (7:30) Slow blues, with the same band as Wheel In A Hole, plus Gospel Background Vocals. Story of a chronic cable news addict who suffers a mental breakdown upon learning of the discovery of the “God Particle”. But then, after a desperate and failed fit of consumer therapy, he experiences a transformational spiritual awakening in the end.

Track 14: Tail Of A Star (3:35) A quiet little song about the big picture. Guitar and vocals.

Track 15: Renewell (2:25) A quiet, jazz tinged Solo Guitar piece, also for Newell (Papa).

Track 16: Rauma Bound (5:54) An instrumental piece in memory of my sea faring Finnish Grand Father. Guitar, Upright Bass, Dobro, Fiddle, Uilleann Pipes, Penny Whistles, and backing vocals.

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